The Record Journal is a family-run organisation based in Trelawnyd, which promotes live folk music in North Wales. It began in 2008 as an online portfolio of journalistic writings. The original website hosted a range of content including interviews and reviews of musicians, bands and authours. In 2009 we began to put on live shows at the local village hall and so, The Record Journal Live was born. We have had the absolute privilege of hosting some exceptional musicians here in the past couple of years. Take a look at the Previous Shows section. We take pride in trying our hardest to provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for both the audience and performers.

In 2012 we started the TRJ Artist Management & Representation wing of The Record Journal to further promote and support folk performers. We are currently managing two great acts (find out more) and hope that this is a part of The Record Journal that will continue to grow.

In May 2012 we updated our website (find out more) to reflect the growing interest in our live events. It is our hope that this site will continue to promote our live shows whilst holding true to the journalistic roots of the original.

In the end, the reason why we go through the hard work of putting on these shows is that we get a kick out of the music. We hope that you can join us in supporting great music and local communities.

The Record Journal is:

Kelda Manley - Kelda organises the events all the way from bookings to clearing up after. Kelda is definitely 'in charge'.

Lawrence Manley - Event organisation & promotion.

Karen Manley - In charge of merchandise, food and all the arty bits. Karen makes everything look pretty.

James Manley - Technical website bobbins and promotional material.

Cali & Lola - These are the cats, they don't really help out much.

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