The Bar (‘Lawrence of Barabia’)

For two years now the festival bar has been run by the family, not because we have any skills in this field (!!) but because we want to bring you some local products from Wales. In past years we have stocked beers from The Great Orme Brewery (Llandudno) and from the Purple Moose Brewery (Porthmadog). The most popular beers by far were the dark beers, namely the Welsh Black and (we just had to have this) the Dark Side of the Moose! All in all there were some 10 or so bitters, and a Snowdon lager (by Great Orme). A few days before the Festival we went on a sortie to find some cider, and came back with some Rosie’s Cider (from Wrexham way). Too little alas, and a return trip for greater quantities is a certainty in 2017.

The bar will be along similar lines, although we haven’t decided the exact products we want to stock as yet. We’ll visit and take a look at some other North Wales micro-breweries and go from there – the bottom line is that there will be a lot to choose from – whether you like local ale or cider.

We will stock some wine – as sophisticated as we can make it! You have never been a spirit drinking crowd so we have tended not to go down that line, although we noted with interest the Gin Bar at Cambridge Folk Festival and Penderyn Whisky is a constant possibility!! We’ll keep on thinking. Of course there will be various soft drinks, teas and coffee.

The Food

For the same two years as we have run the bar, so too the food. This is developing as we go. It’s a lot of work but it’s really important to us to control this part of offer to you. The food choice on the Saturday is more extensive than the Friday evening session. We’re giving this aspect of the Festival a lot of attention. Firstly the majority of the foods are local – the chilli con carne uses meat from the local butcher, the bread rolls will be from the local baker and so on. The food is also put together by us. We make the chilli, the curry, the toppings, the sandwiches and the cakes – we don’t buy in the finished article.

To give you some idea, on the Friday night the food options have been a chorizo stew, and a curry. Cakes are always in constant supply. On the Saturday choices included homemade beans, jacket potato and various fillings, sandwiches, soup, various homemade cakes and snacks.

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