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EST. 1988 by KAREN

Welcome to Merywen Crafts.

I first started making and selling crafts in a small country cottage on the edge of Snowdonia when my children, James and Kelda, were young. I now sell crafts to help support The Record Journal Live concerts in Trelawnyd Memorial Hall.

I love textiles and get interested in all types of colour, yarn and fabric. I love the vibrancy of the colours produced by dyeing yarns and producing a fabric from them. I am a magpie collector of yarns and other items and like to mix everything together to produce different items for offer for sale.

I dye most of my own wool which I also offer for sale. Prices vary depending on the price of the yarn I find.

I’m fairly new to crocheting other than using it to edge knitting. I got quite carried away with these flowers.

I like using leftover bits of yarn to produce hats in different colours, styles and patterns.

Every so often I manage to produce a jumper and here is one using my hand dyed blue aran wool.

I do not sell any of the crafts on line yet but have a stall regularly at The Record Journal Live concerts where you can make purchases. If you have any questions or any requests for specific products to be reserved for you then please contact me at

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